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Whole body cryotherapy acts at a muscular and cardiovascular level; therefore, when applied before intense exercise it increases physical performance and resistance.
Blood flow increases, natural enzymes, nutrients and hormones are released enabling the athlete to achieve greater power, higher speed, and greater resistance to fatigue.


As whole body cryotherapy helps to reduce inflammation, pain is reduced significantly and the body is better able to heal itself naturally and promote muscle recovery.
Unlike with ice baths you can also resume exercise immediately after a cryotherapy session. When looking for that edge this allows you to train harder, recover quicker and more often.


Besides preventing injuries, WBC also aids in recovery and significantly reduces downtime by helping to reduce inflammation.
Likewise, it reduces pain and increases the ability of the muscle to regenerate


Thanks to the release of endorphins and neuropeptides from a WBC treatment, you’ll experience a feeling of calm and goodness or wellness and a rush of energy.
Any athlete at any level will tell you how important state of mind is for training and motivation and WBC improves just that.

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